Must Watch (and Basics) List (EU4)

This list will experience changes and empty places may later contain episodes. Links are only to the Minute Mechanic Episode of that mechanic. Each video has a link to the wiki entry in that description. Click here for a Menu that categories these episodes.

Terry Crews EU4 Loading Screen by reddit u/IcarusCasablancas

6 Trade
48 Modifiers
43 Aggressive Expansion
47 What Expansions to Get
49 Overextension
51 Unrest
55 Coalition
56 Succession
57 Culture
59 Development
60 Co-Belligerents
62 Geographical Distance
63 Ingame Screen
300 I Hate the EU4 theme song (and here’s why)
301 I love Custom Nations (and here’s why)
302 I use Exploits (and here’s why)
303 India could be better (and here’s why)
304 EU4 is too Expensive (but everyone knew that)
416 How to Choose a Wargoal
425 Funny Names (Beloozeroo, Vajaynagar, etc)
1793 MrFlorryWorry is The Best EU4 player ever (and here’s why)
1794 There Should be MORE formable nations (and here’s why) (especially nations like scandanavia, Hindustan, Arabia non-historical nations, More of these please!)
1795 It should be easier to release specific nations (and here’s why)
1796 Spy Network should be more useful (and here’s hwy)
1797 Powerful Diplomacy Should allow you to force PU’s and larger Vassals (and here’s why)
1798 Vexilology should be a thing. (and here’s why) (whenever you tag switch/government change we should be able to pick from 3 new flags or keep the same)
1799 Naming Wars should be a thing. (and here’s why) (victor names the wars)
1800 EU4 would be visually stunning as a globe
1801 War Interface
1802 How to Chose a Wargoal
1803 You should be able to start a saved game right from the launcher (and here’s why)
1804 Why isn’t the Styrian split from Austria in 1452 a thing?
1808 Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

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